Haley Seluke
Haley Seluke's Fundraiser

Teen Support Bags will be purchased and delivered to teens battling cancer. Teens with cancer need more support and inspiration.

Join me and help make a difference, please give today. Let's put smiles on the faces of teens with cancer and let them know they aren't alone.

$195 towards $850

Join me in supporting real change. Let's support good in the world and make a difference. Help us support teenagers battling cancer for Bite Me Cancer, and give a happy thing during a scary time.

Teens with cancer fall between the younger pediatric and older adult treatment programs, and they need more support!

That's why I created a fundraiser to support Bite Me Cancer. Their campaign is to deliver Teen Support Bags across the country to offer support and inspiration for teenagers battling cancer—and you can be a part of it. So far, they've distributed bags to over 175 hospitals in all 50 states and DC. Let's keep reaching these teens all over the country! Each bag costs Bite Me Cancer $85 to put together and ship, and they've been able to send out over 9,500 bags so far! By helping me raise $650, we can help purchase and donate 10 Bite Me Cancer bags to be given to 10 strong teens battling cancer, to give them a bit of sunshine to brighten their day!

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for Bite Me Cancer.